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Discounts & Rewards Programs

This page serves as the instructions and information for our Refer a Client and Leave a Testimonial pages. Please choose from the Testimonial or Referral program for more information about each program. These programs have been added to help reflect the value of our clients to us, and with your help, build a larger client base! Thanks so much for your assistance and for choosing Thompson's Floor Care!


Preview Rewards


Preview Rewards

We want to hear from you, therefore, we are asking our clients to provide a testimonial about your experience with Thompson's Floor Care by using our Leave a Testimonial page.

By using our Leave a Testimonial page, you are authorizing Thompson's Floor Care to display your testimonial on our website and/or in our literature. Your privacy is important to us, therefore, you will be asked how you would like your name or company to appear along-side the testimonial for purposes of protecting your privacy and anonymity. To better understand how your information is handled and protected, please visit our Privacy Policy page.

When submitting your testimonial you will be able to choose your preferred reward. Only (1) one reward per business please. Multiple testimonials from the same business by more than one individual will not result in multiple rewards.

If you're ready to submit a testimonial, please click here to go to the testimonial form page. Thank you!

We believe that "word-of-mouth" is a great way to develop a successful business. Hard work and customer appreciation is also part of this process, so we've created a reward program as our way of saying "Thank You" for referring Thompson's Floor Care to other potential clients.

It is our primary goal to offer our clients a quality product/service at a competitive price and reward our loyal customers to show our appreciation for their business in this competitive market. As part of this ongoing effort and to procure new clients, we now offer rewards for referring a client through our Discounts & Rewards program.

Referral awards are subject to the procurement of a *successful client. Rewards will be distributed to the referring client after payment from the referred client. One (1) reward will be awarded for each *successful client.

If you're ready to submit a referral to us, please click here to go to the referral form page. Thank you!


A successful client is defined as one that hires Thompson's Floor Care for at least a one-time event totaling $75 or more in services.

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Your privacy is important to Thompson's Floor Care.
To better understand how information collected by this website is handled, please see our Privacy Policy

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